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websites we recommend

The following websites are recommend by FUK!T. We have no connection to any of these websites.

The Bilerico Project
Good as You
Joe My God
Pam’s House Blend
Devon Hunter
Fight HIV in DC 
Brother Help Thyself
InSpot anonymous email STD partner notification
Find a Free HIV Testing Site
Gay Men’s Health Crisis 
The Science Behind Condoms

organizations we follow

There’s a lot more to life than just getting laid. Do something good for the world. Find your passion and get involved!

Heifer International
Children International
The One Campaign
Amnesty International
Immigration Equality
The Trevor Project
Matthew Shepherd Foundation
Metroteen AIDS
Advocates For Youth
DC For Marriage
Marriage Equality
Repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
Burgundy Crescent Volunteers
Do Something
Peace Corps
Teach for America
Soul Force
Metropolitan Community Churches
Dignity USA
Trembling Before G-d
For the Bible Tells Me So
A Jihad for Love
Velvet Foundation

terrific DC non-profit organizations

Lend a Hand or Donate!